Our Services

Men’s Health Center

Only Summit Urology has the commitment, technology and expertise to take health care for men to the next level. We’re proud to announce that we’ve created the area’s first and only Men’s Health Center. The Summit Urology Men’s Health Center is a “one-stop shop” for advanced urological care PLUS additional health screenings that include: EKGs, Blood work (i.e., testosterone, blood sugar, calcium levels), Colon cancer screenings, Cholesterol tests and more. Learn more

Kidney Stone Center

Summit Urology has one of the most advanced Kidney Centers in the United States. We are one of the few locations in the country using the very newest lithotripsy (shockwave) technology. Plus, more than 90% of procedures can be done on site to maximize your comfort, privacy and convenience (no trip to the hospital is needed). Learn more

Incontinence Center

Incontinence is a life-changing condition that affects millions of women who often suffer in silence. While physical pain may not be a common symptom, the emotional pain and embarrassment of urinary leakage can be devastating. Summit Urology is the leader in diagnosing and treating bladder conditions. We have a comprehensive approach to incontinence, which can have multiple causes and many treatment options for correction. Learn more

Imaging Center

Summit Imaging, our affiliated imaging center, offers outstanding convenience and the latest technology. We work around your schedule to make your experience with Summit Urology hassle free. And since Summit Imaging is located on the lower level of our office, testing can be completed without leaving our facility and often on the same day as your visit, preventing long waiting times and the often unpleasant experience of traveling to a large hospital. Parking is always free and convenient, and there’s no additional registration. Learn more