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When you have a urologic health concern, quickly getting an accurate diagnosis is a top priority. Summit Urology in Bloomington, Indiana, is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment like CT scans to help provide an accurate diagnosis of your health condition. Call Summit Urology or schedule an appointment online today to get answers to your health questions. Same-day appointments are available for your convenience.

CT Scan Q & A

What is a CT scan?

A CT scan is a type of X-ray. When you look at standard X-ray or radiography images, you appear to be looking through the portion of the body that was captured. CT scans use a combination of X-ray imaging and computer technology to create detailed cross-section pictures.

Other types of medical imaging include ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What is a CT scan used for?

CT scans are noninvasive tests that help your doctor see images of soft tissues in your body, such as the liver, abdominal organs, and brain. They also allow your urologist at Summit Urology to evaluate solids and liquids in the urinary tract and view the kidneys and their blood supply.

A physician may also order a CT scan to get a better look at abnormalities revealed by a standard X-ray or ultrasound. This technology can help your urologist locate abnormalities in your urinary or reproductive system such as:

  • Tumors or masses
  • Kidney stones
  • Blockages
  • Cysts

CT scans can also help your doctor plan for surgical procedures.


What can I expect during a CT scan?

During your CT scan at Summit Urology, you lie on a motorized table that moves you inside the round tube housing the scanner. Pillows or straps may be used to help you remain in the same position for the duration of the scan.

When the CT scan begins, you’ll be encircled by an X-ray that captures images as it rotates. You may notice whirs, clicks, and buzzes as the images are being captured.

Your doctor or technician will be in an adjacent room while your CT is taking place. You’ll be able to communicate by intercom, and they may ask you to hold your breath at various points during the scan.

Your CT scan should be painless, though contrast CT scans require an injection of contrast dye which may cause minimal discomfort. Typically a scan takes about 30 minutes.

Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies like CT scans offered by Summit Urology today.