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Summit Urology

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Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing topic, but it’s usually a very treatable condition. The team at Summit Urology in Bloomington, Indiana offers state-of-the-art men’s reproductive healthcare in a conscientious and private environment. Call Summit Urology or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about treatment options that are available for erectile dysfunction.

E.D. Q & A

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, is the inability to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for sex. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include difficulty getting or keeping an erection as well as low or nonexistent sex drive.

Occasional erectile problems aren’t cause for concern, but persistent dysfunction can impact your self-confidence and your relationship, and cause stress. It can also indicate underlying health conditions such as heart disease.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Your risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases with age. One in 10 American men will experience ED, and 35% of men over 60 will experience it.

Male arousal involves hormones, emotions, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and the brain. If there are issues in any of these areas, erectile dysfunction can occur.

Some physical causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease, including clogged blood vessels
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Injuries
  • Some medications
  • Tobacco, drug, and alcohol use

Some conditions like Peyronie’s disease can also lead to ED. This disease causes fibrous tissue to develop within the penis resulting in curved and painful erections.

In addition to physical causes, mental health issues and stress can lead to erectile dysfunction. Physical and psychological issues can also work together to cause ED.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

The urologists at Summit Urology use advanced diagnostics to determine the cause of your ED. Their state-of-the-art facility offers on-site health checks, including cardiac EKGs and blood work, to look for underlying medical conditions and evaluate your general health.

Health conditions play a significant role in ED; in fact, diabetes is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. A low testosterone level (“low T”) often contributes to ED as well.

Depending on the cause of your erectile dysfunction, a medication like Viagra®, Levitra®, or Cialis® may be a good treatment option. However, additional solutions are available including:  

  • Testosterone treatments (hormone therapy)
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Injection therapy
  • Surgery, including implants

For patients with Peyronie’s disease, Xiaflex® injections may bring relief by helping break down the painful scar tissue.

If an outpatient procedure is necessary, the Summit Urology surgical center provides advanced care with superior comfort, convenience, and privacy.

Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about erectile dysfunction treatments at Summit Urology today.